A free, must-have app for fans of the University of North Carolina created by InsideCarolina.com, the “Independent Voice of UNC Sports”


  • UNC Basketball & Football reports, including game previews, interviews & analysis
  • UNC Basketball/Football schedules, results and rosters
  • Audio & Video, including podcasts, post-game PC and highlights
  • Share InsideCarolina.com stories with friends via email, text, Twitter, or Facebook

InsideCarolina.com is the news home for University of North Carolina Basketball and Football fans, with the best in team info, message boards, and recruiting information on the ‘net!



What kinds of smart phones and devices can this app be used on?

Right now, versions of the app are available for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad, BlackBerry touch and Android phones. The Android version of the app will work on the Kindle Fire as well. The Android app now works Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean OS phones and an update for iPhone iOS 6 has just been approved by Apple.

What about getting the app on other platforms?

The app is not available for Windows phone but we are always open to considering new platforms. However we are no longer developing for non-touch BlackBerry phones and the app does not work on the newest BlackBerry phones running 7 OS.

I have 1.0 or 2.0, how do I update?

Your phone will prompt you for the update (and has likely already done so), as it’s automated through the application store/market.

I don’t have any version yet, how do I download it?

The simplest way is to go to your phone’s application program (iPhone App Store, Android Market) and search “Inside Carolina” — but for those who want a link for direct download or for syncing, check the links on the right.

Does this app cost anything?

No, it is free.

What’s new?

In 2.0, the big addition for this version is multimedia. Previous obstacles prevented us from this integration and from readers being able to view our multimedia on a mobile phone, so we’ve launched new video and audio servers for this purpose. You can now watch Inside Carolina’s ever-growing collection of video, listen to postgame interviews and press conferences, and tune in to podcasts of the IC radio show — all directly from within the application.

3.0 versions are just an update for the newer OS phones.

Are all aspects of the InsideCarolina.com site included within this app?

The app is intended as a free, mobile complement to the web site, so that Inside Carolina readers have a quick and easy way to read the day’s stories, watch video, listen to audio and utilize reference tools.

What are the features within the app?

You can read daily articles – including game previews, reviews, interviews, and analysis; watch video features, listen to press conferences and the IC radio show, view basketball and football schedules and results – a quick way to check past scores and the next game’s time and TV info; review basketball and football rosters – sortable by player name and number; share Insidecarolina.com stories with friends via email, text, Twitter, or Facebook.

Why aren’t the forums integrated in the app?

When we released the 2.0 version, we did remove the links to the forums but we have already released an updated 2.1 version that has the original forum links. However those are still just links, the forums are not integrated into the app.

The forums, as designed and maintained by Scout, are setup in a way that currently doesn’t make full integration into an app possible. In addition, Scout has begun development of a mobile version of our web site, which will include the forums.

I’d like to make a suggestion for additional features or changes, how do I do that?

We welcome your feedback, so post your suggestion on the InsideCarolina.com Feedback Forum. We plan to continue to tweak and enhance this product in future editions.

I’d like to make a suggestion or ask for help, how can I?

Visit the InsideCarolina.com feedback forum.

What if I find a bug?

Report it to michelle@insidecarolina.com